✨New Year’s Eve✨

☘️Tomorrow when we wake, the morning will be another start and we’ll leave the past as it washes away like chocolate stains. All our memories will be stored and we’ll one day play them back in slow rewind. It’s all the joy we laughed about and we remember those of us who have gone out of friendship or out of the earth. We’ll build our ways through the world as we start a new resolution that we never follow. We’ll remember to draw all our loved ones close, it’s another 365 days and we don’t even know which one amongst us has planned to go but even still we draw the lines— No one’s leaving. We pray for more days and years with our friends and family still with us.

🌺Tomorrow when we wake it’s another place so let’s take a moment to remember those that left this year. We’re marching out like Giants but they never got a chance to. We’ve decided to leave the past behind us but they’ll forever live in our hearts. Let’s go out and take a chill, allow the cold to hit our pale skin. Let’s get back and celebrate the moments to come as we’ve only began. Let’s make the best out of this………. We’ll never get out of here if not for the creator’s grace and tonight the apple will fall in place. Now we’re closer to our dreams or doom. Let’s raise high our banners before the lighters. Let’s take a time and think before celebrations. We’re on top of the nation and we’re gonna raise it higher than it has ever been before.

🌼So let’s celebrate all the fun and moments to come…. let’s start to create more good memories that we’ll cherish all our lives. We have a chance to bring all our dreams to reality. At this point we don’t have to be scared to take risks. We’ve got one life to live so we’re holding up our lighters to live the most of life with our love for God staying strong.

We move ahead, head raised up high, marching forward with no regrets. The past is in the past now. It’s a new beginning 🌸



Hey guys, this platform is for teenagers who have a thing for change. Who are ready to make positive impacts. This a forum to express our thoughts and opinions about the different topics that affect us as teenagers and the world as a whole. I really hope this would make us want to do more, achieve more, become better teenagers and well baked adults even after leaving the teenage years.😁 As we start this race together, we hope to make a difference together ❣️